Returning Consignor Updates 

Former "Rugrats" and "Just Kids" Consignors!

We cannot wait to welcome you back! One of the biggest changes since we took ownership (October 2023) is a brand new consignment tagging system. You're going to LOVE it and I'm going to work alongside you to make the transition seamless and simple!

Once you're logged in and ready to begin tagging NEW items, you'll notice the differences! Updated! More features! Only ONE login link for ALL locations! Certain sizes stipulated for each category! This system also allows you to easily sign up for Worker Bee shifts and earn a higher % percentage on everything you sell!  HAPPY DANCE!


Others changes / Updates

Thank you for continuing to consign with us! Please make sure you're a member of the Bee Happy Consignor Support Facebook group AND follow our Instagram account


Fall 2024

1-7pm on Presale Day!

(Subject to changes) 

1:00 PM- Worker Bee Consignors  - 2 shifts

2:00 PM- Worker Bee Consignors  - 1 shift

3:00 PM- Consignors + Consignor Guest Pass     

4:00 PM- Presale Pass Holders

5:00 PM- Presale Pass Holders

6:00 PM- New Moms / Grandparents Pass Holders