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Becoming a consignor with Bee Happy Consignment is a great way to recycle items that your children have outgrown while making money in the process! No more setting up yardsales only to make pennies and end the day with loads of unsold items to haul away. Anyone can become a consignor by registering, pricing and dropping off gently used children’s items at our Spring or Fall pop-up event sale. 

Two Ways To Consign : Join the Hive!

1- Do It All Yourself (Regular Consignors)

**Requires maximum effort for maximum profits**

Consigning is as easy as…

Learn more below and on the Tagging page.

2- Use the Busy Bee Tagging Service

**Requires moderate effort for moderate profits**

Consigning is as easy as…

Learn more on the Busy Bee Tagging Service page.

Consignor/Sellers Incentives

Fees & Earnings

Quality Standards

Bee Happy Consignment strives to provide the best possible experience for our shoppers. Part of that experience is ensuring the items available at Bee Happy events are held to a high quality standard. Keeping the quality level high not only benefits shoppers, but it ensures you – as a Consignor – see the highest return on the time you spend tagging. Please only tag and bring items that you yourself would consider purchasing.

​​   Consigned items shall:


​During our check-in process, ALL ITEMS WILL BE INSPECTED. We reserve the right to pull items which, at our discretion, do not meet our stated quality standards. These items will have their tags removed and be returned to you during your drop-off window. Repeated attempts to consign items that violate these standards may result in being banned from future sales.

Accepted Items (Updated for Spring 2024)

The following are examples of what we accept – and don’t accept – for consignment at Bee Happy Consignment events. These lists are to serve as guides. We generally accept most children’s item provided it is in excellent condition. If you have questions about an item, feel free to contact us!

​These examples are almost always accepted at Bee Happy:

​These items are generally accepted; however, they require some special attention. If you plan to consign any of the items listed here, please make sure you follow the restrictions carefully.

These items are not accepted for consignment with Bee Happy Consignment. 

What are seasonal items?


Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless or spaghetti strap dresses, sandals, flip flops, swim shoes, swimsuits, sand boxes, pools, etc.  Basically, anything that would be deemed warmer weather appropriate only.


Winter coats, fleece or fleece lined jackets, snow boots, snowsuits/bibs, sleds, winter hats/gloves, long sleeved shirts, any of the heavier, lined pants/jeans, corduroy, etc.  Basically, anything that would be deemed colder weather appropriate only.


All jeans and pants (except the heavier, fleece lined), wind breakers, short sleeved shirts, indoor/outdoor climbing/play toys, bikes, slides, infant onesies, undershirts.


Consignor Responsibilities

When you register to consign with Bee Happy Consignment, you are responsible for:

It is your responsibility to ensure none of your listed items are recalled. Here are a few resources to use when researching your items:

Consignor Help & Support

We have several resources available to help Consignors with everything from how to use MyBeeHappy software to how to package shoes for the sale!

Consignor Drop Off & Inspection

Drop off is the process of delivering your tagged items to the sale location, getting them inspected, and helping to place them on the floor. Drop off is by appointment only. You will need to sign up for a drop off appointment through MyBeeHappy after creating an account and registering for the upcoming sale. Drop off appointments are generally made available one month before the upcoming sale.

During your drop off appointment, a worker will check you in and make sure your items are:

Inspection is an important part of our sale and helps ensure that the items we make available to our shoppers are of high quality. If we identify items that are not properly tagged, do not meet our quality standards, or are not permitted, they will be sent home with you. Please do not be offended if any of your items are rejected. We receive around 30,000+ items and in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible for shoppers, we need to be picky. It's not personal!

Consignors with more than 300 items are asked to schedule their drop off appointment as early in the day as possible and must complete drop off no later than 6pm. If you are consigning a large number of items, we encourage all consignors to bring some help to keep things moving.

To ensure a quick and smooth drop off, you are expected to:

Once all your items have been placed on the floor AND you have signed your consignor agreement with Melissa, you are free to leave! 

Consignor Pick-Up

Pick up is generally in the early evening of the Discount Sale day (Sunday), but be sure to check the estimated time on the Consignor Schedule.  The final time will be communicated via email and text on Sunday, prior to the beginning of sort. There is no way to estimate how long the sorting process will take until we see how many items are left once the sale is almost over.

During pick up, you will have an opportunity to pick up all of your items that were not sold during the sale and were not previously marked for donation.

Please keep the following in mind during Consignor pick up:

Power Sellers

NEW IN 2024! 

Power Seller Consignors get to skip inspection and may drop off their items anytime between 9am and 6pm on drop off day!  You'll still need to choose a drop off appointment, but you should choose the one designated for Power Seller Consignors. 

In order to earn this distinction, a consignor must HAVE A SELL THROUGH RATE OF 75%+ AND

This data is used to compile a list of Power Sellers prior to each sale. This is an ever-evolving list. You will receive an email prorior to EACH SALE if you are a Power Seller for that event. 

For more information or the updated listing of Power Sellers for the upcoming season, please visit the Power Seller page. 


MyBeeHappy is the online tagging and inventory management system used by Bee Happy Consignment, LLC. 

MyBeeHappy handles item tag generation and helps you manage your inventory across multiple sales. NEW IN 2024! You only need one log-in/account. You will not have to register using different links for different sale locations. 

To register as a Consignor, you will need to create a free account with MyBeeHappy. The confirmation email you will receive after registration will contain your Consignor number. This number is important for identifying you and will be used frequently during your interactions with Bee Happy Consignment.  

Be sure to enter your contact information carefully. We only send consignment checks to the home address listed in MyBeeHappy. Email is the primary communication tool we use to notify Consignors of upcoming dates and important information. Should a problem arise during the sale, it is also important that your phone number is correct so we can contact you quickly.

Once you receive your consignor number, you can log into MyBeeHappy anytime by clicking one of the login buttons in the main menu on this website.  You only have ONE login. There is no longer a new link needed for each sale! *Happy Dance!* 

After you are logged in, you will need to register for our upcoming event. Registering for a sale lets us know that you plan to list items for the sale. During sale registration, you will have the opportunity to update your contact information and read the latest Consignor Agreement. It is important to carefully read and understand the Consignor Agreement each time you register for a sale as it is subject to change from season to season. Please only register for an upcoming sale if you plan to drop items off for that sale.

Consignor Payments

All payments for Bee Happy Consignment Sales will be issued within 2 weeks of the sale event and sent to you via USPS. Your MUST cash your check before it expires in 60 days. 

That’s it! To register for an upcoming sale, click the following link!