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Too busy to price & tag your own items? 

Let our Busy Bee Taggers help!

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BUSY BEES Consignor Incentives

Fees & Earnings

Ready to get started?

​To begin, register as a consignor. 

Next, complete the Busy Bee Tagging Service Google Sheet found HERE.


You will be assigned a Busy Bee Tagger! You will be connected via email in order to schedule your drop off appointment several weeks ahead of the sale (or ASAP if you're ready). Our tagger will arrange for you to drop off your items at their home or desired location, or you can have them picked up from your porch for a $20 fee. 

Next, gather at least $100 worth of items, paying close attention to our Quality Standards and our Accepted Items List found in the sections below. 

Meet with our Busy Bee Tagger. Please make sure your items are packaged in boxes or bags that you will NOT need back. Each package should be clearly labeled with your first and last name and consignor number. 

After you meet, our Busy Bee Tagger will properly package, hang, tag and competitively price your items. Due to the large quantity of items our tagger is working with each sale, all items will be marked DISCOUNT and DONATE. This means all of your items will reduce for the the 1/2 Price Sale and any unsold items will be donated at the end of the sale. Any items that don't meet the accepted categories or quality standards will be automatically donated and not entered in our inventory system. 

Happy Dance! Your consignment check will be sent to the home address in your consignor registration within 2 weeks of the sale ending! You'll be able to log in to your consignor account to see all of the pricing and track your sales, too!

Quality Standards

Bee Happy Consignment strives to provide the best possible experience for our Shoppers. Part of that experience is ensuring the items available at events are held to a high quality standard. Keeping the quality level high not only benefits shoppers, but it ensures you – as a Consignor – see the highest return. Please only send items to your PC that you yourself would consider purchasing.

​​Consigned items shall:

Do not list items that are:

Accepted Items (Updated for FALL 2024 Sales) 

The following are examples of what we accept – and don’t accept – for consignment at Bee Happy Consignment events. These lists are to serve as guides. We generally accept most children’s item provided it is in excellent condition. If you have questions about an item, feel free to contact us!

​These examples are almost always accepted at Bee Happy:

​These items are generally accepted; however, they require some special attention. If you plan to consign any of the items listed here, please make sure you follow the restrictions carefully.

These items are not accepted for consignment with Bee Happy Consignment. 

What are seasonal items?


Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless or spaghetti strap dresses, sandals, flip flops, swim shoes, swimsuits, sand boxes, pools, etc.  Basically, anything that would be deemed warmer weather appropriate only.


Winter coats, fleece or fleece lined jackets, snow boots, snowsuits/bibs, sleds, winter hats/gloves, long sleeved shirts, any of the heavier, lined pants/jeans, corduroy, etc.  Basically, anything that would be deemed colder weather appropriate only.


All jeans and pants (except the heavier, fleece lined), wind breakers, short sleeved shirts, indoor/outdoor climbing/play toys, bikes, slides, infant onesies, undershirts.


Consignor Responsibilities

When you register to consign with Bee Happy Consignment and utilize our PCS service, you are responsible for:

It is your responsibility to ensure none of your listed items are recalled. Here are a few resources to use when researching your items:

Consignor Help & Support

We have several resources available to help Consignors!

Consignor Payments

All payments from your sales at Bee Happy Consignment, LLC will be issued via check and sent to the mailing address you listed in your MyBeeHappy account. Checks are void after 60 days. Your MUST cash your check before it expires. 

Busy Bee Tagging Service Consignor Agreement

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from Bee Happy Consignment LLC consignment sales, the undersigned Consignor agrees to the following:

      Consignor agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against Bee Happy Consignment (BHC), Melissa and Brian Borgoyn (the owners), the lessee of the space where the event is held, any worker, or the insurer of BHC for the damage, theft, or loss of any items consigned to BHC. BHC does not anticipate any theft, damage, or loss but occasionally these events may occur.

      Consignor agrees to waive all claims of personal injury resulting from participation in any BHC consignment sale from whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen against BHC, Melissa and Brian Borgoyn, the lessee of the space where the event is held, any BHC worker, or the insurer of BHC.

      Consignor agrees to give items to their professional Busy Bee tagger that are in accordance with our stated Quality Standard and Accepted Items list (found at beehappyconsignment.com). Anything given to the tagger that does not meet these categories, seasonal appropriateness, or quality standards will be immediately donated and not tagged or taken to the sale. 

      Consignor agrees to register for the sale ($15 registration fee) and allow their professional tagger to access their account to enter, price at their discretion, and physically tag their items. The professional Busy Bee Tagger will deliver all of the tagged items to the registered sale on drop-off day. 

      Consignor agrees to have all tags marked both discount and donate. Items marked ‘DISCOUNT’ will be sold for half of the original price at the discount day of the sale. Items marked DONATE – designated with a “D” on the tag, will become property of Bee Happy Consignment LLC and donated on behalf of the company to local charities and non-profit organizations of their choice. 

      Consignor agrees that items found to be missing tags, recalled, or that deviate from BHC’s stated Quality Standard will be pulled from the sale floor and placed in a designated area for donation.

      Consignor and Tagger agree to the following distribution of consignment proceeds:  Consignors will receive 40% commission of the items that sell and professional Busy Bee Taggers will receive 30% commission. 

      Consignor agrees to receive their consignment payment via check at the mailing address entered in the MyBeeHappy account. The Consignor alone is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of this address.

      Consignor agrees to deposit the consignment check within 60 days of receipt and to VOID any check older than 60 days. Consignment checks will be mailed no later than 2 weeks after the close of the sale.